5 acres Farm Land Project 2 in 75 acres land

Great Farm Land Investment Opportunity in Florida.

We secured this lovely 75 acres farm land in Okeechobee, Florida. It’s right on 441 highway and has perfect access all around.

We will be selling 5 acres farm land lots in which a home can be built in the future and farming can be done.
We have dedicated place around the pond to build cluster homes instead of building home in each 5 acre lots.

Out of total 15 lots,
9 lots are priced at $160k each in phase 1 and
6 lots are priced at $175k each in phase 2.

Managed Farming Services:
We will offer Managed Farming on this property in the year 2024/25 and is an option for buyers to get into profitable farming. 

We have a 90 acre Managed farming project 2 min away from this land.

Google Location:
(27.3829105, -80.8198677)

Salient Features:
Right on 441 with 1200 ft frontage,
1.3 miles / 3 min from our cucumber greenhouse farm,
1.4 miles / 2 min from our 90 acres Managed Farming project,
92 miles / 1.5 hrs from Orlando airport,
24 miles / 23 min to Florida Turnpike,
13 miles / 20 min from lake Okeechobee,
9.4 miles / 12 min from Okeechobee town,
8.4 miles / 11 min from HCA Florida Raulerson Hospital,
38 miles / 52 min to Fort Pierce beach


Milestone 1: Soft Commitment : $5000 : 1/1/2023

Milestone 2: 1st Payment : $105,000 : 1/15/2023

Milestone 3: 2nd Payment : $50,000 (Phase 1) $65,000 (Phase 2) : 3/15/2023

Cash vs Mortgage:
These lots are to be purchased by cash. Mortgage is not possible at this point as they are termed as transitional lands.
Refinancing can be done once the land is closed on to individual name by end of next year.

We will retain the land in the company name to handle all necessary permits (Water, Electricity, Road etc.,)

Till the time land is closed on individual name, company and individual are bound by a formal real estate contract document.

Next steps:

Please message Sasi on +18482440213 if you are interested to know more details.
We are working on different interesting models and will be updating all.