VVF Farming Cooperative

VVF Farming Cooperative


  • Want to be part of farming in USA?
  • Can’t be on the ground with your current job and commitments?
  • Don’t have experience in farming and want professionals to execute farming?
  • Want to invest small capital and be part of large farming initiative?


The answer is “VVF Farming Cooperative ”

A parcel of land will be part of a LLC.

Individuals will become partners in the LLC.

Investment will be utilized for

1) Land procurement

2) Farm setup

3) Farm maintenance


VVF will execute the professional Farming on the ground. Our focus will be on high $ value varieties like Lychee, Longan, Sitaphal, Sapota, Mango, Guava, Dragon fruit, Moringa, etc., along with short term crops.

The produce will be distributed all over USA by VVF Produce Trading division. We already have running setup for distribution.


Profits/ Losses are distributed across the partners. Farming is tricky and can have losses and so investors needs to be prepared for both profits and losses.

“Do not invest” if you are not prepared for losses.


Investment would be in the range of 17.5k to 21.25k per 1/2 acre unit. This amount would cover

1) farm land purchase (10k to 12.5k per acre),

2) farm setup (10k to 12.5k per acre) and

3) maintenance 15k to 17.5k (3k to 3.5k per acre per year for 5 years)


The farmland will be part of large farming community and will have “less” Realestate appreciation but “high” business value appreciation.

Do Not Invest “ if you are looking for Realestate appreciation only. It will be icing on the cake but farming is the actual cake.


This investment is not for people who are looking for Realestate appreciation.


This investment is for people who are looking for farming business.


We are working on details and will publish them soon.


If you are interested, join below WhatsApp community.