VVF Golden Living

Many have requested us to develop a model for active/ semi retirement communities across different cities of USA.

This model would evolve over a period and implemented in coming years.

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I am jotting down some of my thoughts that would be carved out into a model.

Fast forward, we all reach the stage of life where high schools are no more a consideration for housing.

Waking up and down multiple floors of a gigantic home may not be of big interest.

Imagine a ranch (single floor) home of 2000 to 2500 Sq Ft with 3 to 4 bedrooms.

About 50 to 200 homes in a community based on common interests of farming and gardening.

Common facilities like sports facilities, swimming pool, meditation area, large dining area, catered food services for those who prefer,

walking trails, yoga and other activities

In-house Vegetable and fruit farms Managed by professional farmers. Like minded people living and participating in volunteering (if interested) on farms.

Close proximity to medical facilities.
Multiple other common services that can be organized by professionals for the community.

I am imagining myself after 55 in a community where I can spend time with friends and family away from hustle bustle and in a community filled with people of similar interests of sustainability, growing own food and living life less complicated.

There wouldn’t be an expectation of residents to work hard in the farms. Farms will be managed by professionals and residents can enjoy volunteering based on their interest.

Farm fresh veggies and fruits will be available for residents as first priority and then to outsiders for revenue generation.


We are working on a concept where people can live in a community of simple ranch homes with common facilities for comfortable and active / semi / fully retired living.
This would be an evolving model and will be orchestrated by VVF (Vallem Vaari Farms) in a Crowd funding model where the future home owners participate as investment partners.

“Participation for investment is strictly based on referral and invitation only.”

At this point, we are starting on a clean slate and we are known for quick turn around on creative concepts.

Organization structuring, capital raising, investor management, people management, land procurement, land development and concept orchestration are VVF core strengths that are key for this initiative.

Horizontal and vertical development aspects will be outsourced and managed by VVF.

Common facilities would include sports, club house, swimming pool, common kitchen etc.,


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Based on the discussions with people so far here are some thoughts.
1) Large Farm
5 acres farm lot with 2000 to 3000 SqFT ranch home.
Farming operations include growing tropical fruit trees commercially for income.
Underlying land is appreciating along with trees.
It’s farm lifestyle for active wannabe farmers.
Expectation is to have a professional Grove management company manage the 5 acres.

2) Small Farm
1 acre farm lot with 2000 to 3000 Sq Ft ranch home.
Tropical fruit trees and vegetables are grown around the home.
Optional Professional grove management services provided by a company.
More than revenue earning, it’s about self sufficiency with fruits and vegetables.
Underlying land asset is appreciating over a period of time.

3) Tiny Farm
10000 Sq Ft lot with 2000 to 3000 Sq Ft ranch home with small garden.
Optional Professional farm and garden management services by company.

4) Shared Farm
2000 to 3000 Sq Ft ranch homes in a closed community where homes are close to each other and have a common garden / farm that’s professionally managed. Individuals from the organic farm.