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You can participate in 2 models with Vallem Vaari Farms.


Option  1: Investment into VVF AgTech Inc
Option  2: Investment into VVF Bhoomi model


Option 1: 
Invest in VVF AgTech Inc and become a shareholder in the company which is into land banging and farming along with multiple lines of businesses.

VVF AgTech Inc vision and model:




120+ have invested USD 5.25M with us so far and the numbers are increasing everyday.


By investing min $10k and multiples of 5k, you would become a shareholder in the AgTech company.


You are investing into shares of the company. The returns will be when the shares are sold. We are targeting to have multiple times returns at the time of sale. Like in any investment, there are risks that needs to be considered. All risks and mitigations are explained in the documents below.


VVF  AgTech Inc invests the capital raised into


  1. Farm land banking for appreciation (50% into asset purchase). This is a safe investment and super high possibilities of growth.
  2. Diversified Agriculture businesses (50% into working capital). With growing need for good food, food production is high in demand.


We are currently in Phase 5 of capital raise.

So far, we have raised $4.8M

  1. 1.5M at $0.90 per share in phase 1 - Phase Completed
  2. 1.5M at $0.95 per share in phase 2 - Phase Completed
  3. 1.5M at $1 per share in phase 3 - Phase Completed
  4. 500k out of 750k at $1.2 per share in phase 4 - Phase Completed
  5. 750k at $1.5 per share in phase 5 - Current Phase


To understand our model, please go through below in the order.


Step 1:

Watch this Short overview Video:


Step 2:

Read through the PDF Version of the model:


Step 3:

Watch this Detailed Video:


Step 4:

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 Option 2:

Invest into projects of VVF Bhoomi where the investment gets into buying land for appreciation and sale in 5 years.

There won’t be farming involved and so no investment into working capital for farming.

VVF Bhoomi


Okee73 Investment


Lakewales30 Investment