Terms of our Business

We love our customer and would like to provide them the best. At the same time, in the area of Plants and seeds, there are many factors that are out of "our control" and depends on the skill and efforts of the gardener. 

Shipping perishable plants and fresh produce has its own challenges.

We have created below Terms and Conditions to be clear with our customers and avoid any miscommunications. 

Mode of communication:

As a business strategy for optimized cost on communication channels for support, we provide support “only” in FaceBook messenger. We do not provide phone or email support.


We are paying Shipping delivery service on your behalf for your convenience to pick up your products from us and deliver to you. Any issues with shipping delivery service has to be dealt with them by you.

We request you to accept the responsibility of hiring Shipping delivery service through O



Plants Delivery:

We take utmost care in sending out plants. Its normal for leaves to drop and branches to break during shipment. As long as the root and stem is good, plants will survive inspite of broken branch. We will not be held responsible and liable for any broken branches and dropped leaves.

Please buy our plants only if you are ok with the above statement.

If there is a damage to the plant, please send us a message on our FB page within 12 hours of receiving the plant. We will refund or replace only if we get the information under 12 hours of plant delivery and if it’s clear that the stem and roots are damaged.

Plants Growth Success:

Growing plants is a very detailed activity and the success depends on multiple factors that are not in our control. Our customers have grown the plants from us and have been very happy with the results.

While we are very confident of our plants, We will not be able to take any responsibility for the success of the plant growth, flowering and fruiting.

Topical Plants growth:

Growing Tropical plants in non tropical regions is a very detailed and involved process. Each tropical plant has its own characteristics that handle the weather.
If these plants get “stunted” during cold weather, they wouldn’t spring back in . The only way to ensure they don’t get stunted is to provide them optimal weather conditions even in winter by artificial means.

We are not in a position to refund for the plants after they fail to come back after a winter. We understand that big stores provide this facility but we do not have this option as this will shoot up the cost for everyone.

Please buy our plants only if you are ok with the above statement.