VVF Okee69 - 5 Acres Lot with Managed Farming Services

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Brutally Honest Disclosures

1 What is the size of the property 5 Acres  
2 Where is the lcoation of the property NW 144th Dr, Okeechobee, Florida - 34972
Google Location: 27.376753, -80.827445
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4 What is the difference Between large acreage farm and developed 5 acre lot Large acreage farms are raw land primarly for agriculture. Developed 5 acre lots will have paved roads, storm water ditches, electrictiy to each lot, borewell and established HOA. Home can be built by applying county permit.
Large acreage will be cheaper per acre compared to 5 acres developed lands. Converting a large acreage to 5 acres development will involve subdivision formation with paved roads, storm water management, borewell, electric connection. It takes about 2 years to get through the development process.
5 What "is the current" zoing of the property Agriculture with 1 home per 5 acres. "Can't build a home" unless subdivision is established with HOA, Paved roads, Storm water setup  
6 What "would be the future" zoning of the property once its registered to investor Agriculture with 1 home per 5 acres with "County Approved subdivision to build home" with established HOA, Paved roads, Storm water setup, Electricity and Bore Well  
7 When would the lot be deeded/registered to investor 6/15/2026, 2 years. There may be delays beyond this date because of various reasons including county permits. In the worse unforseen event, entire amount including non refundable amounts will be refunded. This situation is highly unlikely (99.99999%). This statement is for that 0.00001% scenario. We are at the final stages of developing Okee90 in similar model. If anyone is skeptical, please do not buy in Okee69 and wait for next projects. We want you to be part of our projects but please be clear that these models are being worked out and we are at initial stages of these developments and evolving everyday. You wouldn't loose a $ in any scenario but your capital may be stuck for a period and the opportunity cost of that capital will be wasted. If you are willing to work with us, we will all together establish a beautiful 5 acre community.
8 Will VVF offer Managed Farming Services? Yes, VVF will offer Managed Farming Services. The start of the farming will be finalized based on the progress with county approvals. We are working on establishing the subdivision as farm first and then continue with subdivision development There may be delays in start of farming becase of the transitional nature of the property. Investor needs to be prepared for delays in establishing farming. 
9 Is it mandatory to be part of the Managed Farming? No. But we would give higher preference to investors who would farm on the land. While allocating the lot, investors who want to farm in the land will be given higher priority.  Farming is highly risky business. There are possibility of total loss due to weather conditions, labor issues, pest attacks, inability of the management company to execute and many unforseen scenarios. 
10 What are the risks with this investment? For those who are looking for accelarated appreciation, the land may not appreciate as expected depending on the market conditions.
For those who are looking for high returns from farming, the yields may not be as expected due to weather, labor, diseases and many other unforseen issues. 
DO NOT INVEST, if you are not ready for these situations.
DO NOT INVEST, if this is the only capital you have available and if your life situation changes drastically with losses from this investment
11 What are positives about this investment? The land in this area is appreciating with more Indians getting into farming and vacation home setup.
Managed farming services will help investors enjoy farming as a community and with professional services from VVF.
One can fulfil the passion of owing the 5 acre land, vacation home and farming
Imagine a 5 acre farm with lovely fruit trees that gives revenue and one can stay in the house in the middle of the farm
INVEST ONLY if your heart is into farming. You will have many other venues to multiply money. Please do not invest if money multiplication is primary objective.