Soilential - A Wonder Potting Mix

Cocopeat is the byproduct of coconut husk. Its processed into fine fibers and chips for a combination of 70:30 which will aid with good balance of moisture retention and drainage.

This mix can be used for preparing a good potting mix with combination of different materials.

In Hydroponics setup, this mix can be directly used to grow plants by supplementing nutrients through external inputs.

A 1:1:1 mix of Soilential, Top Soil and Organic Compost can be a great recipe for organic home gardening.

Expand the compressed cocopeat block by adding water slowly. Block along with the bag can be placed in a tub with water to let the block expand.

Cocopeat is a natural product from coco nut and gets composted and integrated into soil over a period of year or so.

Let's Go Gardening with Soilential.