Phase 3 - VVF Homestead15 Offering - Hard Commit Token

Phase 3 - VVF Homestead15 Offering - Hard Commit Token

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Stop - Do NOT Invest if you haven't done your homework

Investment with "Fear Of Missing Out" is not good. Please ensure to take your time to perform your due diligence.

Our guidelines:

  1. This is the hard commitment you are paying to book the unit in VVF Homestead15 Offering.
  2. This is non refundable amount. The only scenario for refund would be if we don't open up the offering for any reason. 
  3. Full amount needs to be paid before 15th April 2024.
  4. You must be able to self declare yourself as "Accredited Investor" to be eligible for this offering. 
  5. Please do not place order if you are not clear about this.

Please read through the offering overview below.

  1. Watch the videos of the property surroundings and inside
  2. Go through the calculations of how the profits are shared when the property is sold
  3. Play with different scenarios by inputting your investment amount at different phases and possible appreciation % scenarios.

Click here for Offering xls

Please contact Sasi Kanth Vallem at +18482440213 for any questions.