Growing plants from liners


Liners are also called as plugs or seedlings. Liner is a professional commercial term. These are well rooted small plants that nurseries buy to pot into large size. This process is called stepping up.
Professional nurseries step up the liners into bigger pots, care for them by giving water and nutrients for few weeks and sell bigger plants.


Liners are smart way to grow large size plants at home or become a home based nursery professional. One can buy liners, step them (plant them) to a 3.5” square and 5” deep pots, nurse them for 4 weeks and sell them for profit. It’s a great value for buyers and the sellers.

Home based nursery professional can grow large number of plants in a small space by growing liners into 3.5” deep square pots. This size plant is a great size for shipping plants across.

These 3.5” deep square pots are great return gift ideas. 

Link to 3.5” square 5” deep pots:


Pot 1 liner into 1 Gallon pot or 3 liners into 3 gallon pot. 3 liners in 3 gallon pot makes the plant look bushy.
You can use any soil that is well drained and can hold right amount of moisture. You can buy potting mix from Home Depot or from landscaping companies.

Slow release fertilizer is key for growing plants professionally.

Small Quantity:

Large Quantity:

1 Table spoon slow release fertilizer to be added for 1 Gallon pot. 3 table spoons for 3 gallon pot.

Fill the pot upto 3/4 level, sprinkle slow release, place the liner and fill up the rest of the pot.

Keep them in semi shade for 5 days and move them to full sun. Protect from scorching heat and blazing sun.

Water daily before sunrise. Based on the weather conditions, increase watering frequency. Water the soil by not the leaves.


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