• Winter Care for Tropical Plants in USA

    Discover how to safeguard tropical plants like Jasmine and Mango during winter. From indoor transitions to using grow lights, keep your greenery thriving
  • Home based plant nursery business

    Discover how to launch a successful home-based plant nursery in the USA. From business registration to marketing, our guide and quality liners set you on the path to green profits.
  • Growing Tropical plants in non Tropical zones

    Navigate the nuances of cultivating tropical plants in non-tropical U.S. zones. Discover the importance of premium potting mixes, strategic watering, seasonal pruning, and winter care. Elevate your gardening game with our expert tips.
  • Growing plants from liners

    Liners are small plants upscaled by nurseries. At home, nurture liners in 3.5” pots for resale. For larger plants, use a pot and slow-release fertilizer, beginning in semi-shade before moving to sunlight, watering daily.
  • Taking the road less traveled

    Investing in farming due to growing demand for land and clean food. Using AgTech for sustainable profit. Grateful to our supportive investors.
  • Citrus Groves Management in Florida

    Florida's citrus production has declined 82% since 2004 because of the greening disease. Rising costs challenge profitability. Alternative farming and tax solutions are being considered.