Taking the road less traveled

“Taking the road less traveled” has its own risks but high rewards. That makes one different and special as he/she can pave a path for future generations while enjoying the fruits.

Why am I investing my career and future into farming ???

1) Global population is increasing but land is not increasing. There is going to be high demand for land in right location around towns.

We are investing in farm lands that appreciate and become future home real estate.

2) Food (especially clean food) grown locally will continue to be in high demand. Food security for the country will always be a high focus. Demand for locally grown food is high and continuous to increase exponentially.

We are investing into farming to grow abundant food with high technology

3) Investments into other investment vehicles are getting riskier day by day. Investments into Farm land and farming is proving to be low risk and high returns relatively.

General perception of farming is loss and done only for passion. I don’t agree with that. Farming when done right, is highly profitable. It’s not a quick rich scheme. Need absolute perseverance, out of the box thinking, ability to raise capital, risk apatite and the will to go that extra mile.

4) Investments in India are getting difficult to manage with all of us living in USA and our next generations settling here. Management of Investments that are right infront of us especially with local safety laws are far more secure than the investments outside where we can’t have better control.

5) Focus across the world and with all governments is getting high for farming. Farmers are getting old and youngsters are not getting into farming. This is creating wide gap.
This “gap is the opportunity” for people to invest their future into farming.
Of course it’s hard work and requires physical efforts in harsh environments dealing with toughest elements.

With our AgTech vision that handles each one of the above aspects, we are on perfectly right track. This is not possible for me as an individual without trust and belief by 100s of our investment partners.

I am nothing without you all. Special thanks to one and all who are believing in me and my vision and partnering with your hard earned resources.

Thank You 🙏🏼